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Discovered: 1880s

Sayre is a borough in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, 59 miles northwest of Scranton.  The exact year is not clear, but during the 1880s a large burial mound was discovered in Sayre.  It was reported that a group of Americans uncovered several strange human skulls and bones.  The skeletons belonged to anatomically normal men with the exception of bony projections located about two inches above the eyebrows.  It appeared that the skulls had horns.  The bones were characterized as giant, as they were representative of people over seven feet tall.  Scientists estimated that the bodies had been buried around A.D. 1200. The archeological discovery was made by a reputable group of antiquarians, including Dr. G.P. Donehoo, the Pennsylvania state dignitary of the Presbyterian Church; A.B. Skinner, of the American Inves ... Read more »
Views: 355 | Added by: max | Date: 2011-06-03 | Comments (2)

So I have been looking and cleaning all my camera gear. Right now I have a Yashica FX-103, Mamiya/ Sekar 1000 DTL, Argus C-3,Nikon EM w/lens, 2 Minolta 5000 Maxxum (one w/o lens), 1 Minolta Maxxum 1800AF flash, 1 Toyo 28mm lens w/case, 1 zoom lens w/case, 1 Nikon MD-E motor drive, 1 Coastar flash mount, Misc. lens caps and filters. Yah I like 35mm more then digital. I like the raw feel of film when I am developing it my self. It has a more real feel to it.  
Views: 249 | Added by: max | Date: 2011-06-03 | Comments (0)

I got some new camera gear and new camera bodys and lenses they are sick. ... Read more »
Views: 229 | Added by: max | Date: 2011-06-03 | Comments (0)

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