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My new OS is kinda slow and I have alot of problems with streaming video over the net but, anything is better thin windows. I found some new music and ith is really good. I want you all to hear Red Alert 3 Uprising - Soviet March 2 (soprano version)

We will rise again!

We will rule again!

We will free the´╗┐ world!

We will feed the hungry!

We will march on Europe again!

We will salute the Hammer, Sickle and Star again!

Category: Max Jacobs | Views: 228 | Added by: max | Date: 2010-11-14 | Comments (0)

RAWR! Yesterday I updated my old laptop from linux mint back to windows XP pro and now I have lost all my wifi drivers. I went the website for makers of the laptop and they don't have the driver that will work for a laptop they made. So I said fuck that and now I am downloading a new ISO called fedora it is open source ISO. which mean can go in play with all of the files that make the OS run. I will more then likely mess it up and have to reload my laptop. Starting the whole thing over again.

I have posted a link to the site where you can get your own copy of fedora to try out. Have fun with it!
Category: Max Jacobs | Views: 263 | Added by: max | Date: 2010-11-13 | Comments (0)

Well today is Wednesday, I spent most of my morning at Colorado State University, Pueblo. I was in the math building on my laptop just messing around on some forums, youtube and my web site. Now I am updating you all on my life. i found some cool music on youtube. IT is techno so you have been warned.

I also worked on some programing that I was thinking about. It was kinda a black hat project so I am not going to go into detail but I was trying to RAT a router.

Category: Max Jacobs | Views: 2337 | Added by: max | Date: 2010-11-11 | Comments (2)

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